Horton Plains

A tremendous and finest creation of Mother Nature with coldest with windiest location of the country. There are marshy lands` grasslands with forests and altitude 2`100 m above from sea level known also World Heritage site. Obtaining habitats to many endemic plants in this great land with montane cloud or misty covered forests. The plains enriched with high end of biodiversity. In the southern edge of the Horton Plains very famous for World`s End which consists with over 900 m escarpment. With the clear view of World`s end can be captured up southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is one of breathtaking moment with fully covered by misty. Most frequent view Sambar deer as well as Mongoose` Giant Squirrel` Wild Boar` Bear Monkey with Fishing Cat is most common animal can be seen. This is truly amazing view with great emotion` the surrounding will heal your mind and soul.