Madu River Boat Safari

On the Madu River boat safari you will observe some authentic prawn hunting and the peeling of a real cinnamon tree. While enjoying the safari, you can visit a beautiful temple on the `koth Duwa` island which has a spectacular statue of Buddha standing.

Boat riders will take you from Colombo Galle into a labyrinth of mangrove forests and exotic plants. There you will see hundreds of beautiful birds including crimson frontea Barbex, wood peckers, king fisher`s, Black – hooded oriole and many, many others. A fish breeding center is located in the middle of the river offering an insight into the breeding cycle of local fish species.

The swampy marshlands that surround the Madu River are under protection of the government of Sri Lanka as it is a fragile ecosystem that is home to many rare animal species. There are around 300 animal species in Madu River, 19 of which are endemic. The soil there is also really fertile – it`s a real treasure trove for ecologists and biologists.